Things to do - general

Genoa, is the main ctiy of the Liguria region and of  homonymous province, and in 2006 it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage with part of its historic center.

In fact, walking through the streets, the squares and the streets of Genoa is a continuous surprise and discovery that can give the sesations of being lost along the “alleys” that creep between tall buildings.

In every corner of these places you can admire the richness and beauty of the city since you will find magnificent palaces, gorgeous churches, façades decorated with stucco and frescoes, valuable art collections that recall the heyday of the cultural development of the the city called the “century of the Genoese”.

Due to its geographical position of favor, which still makes it the most important port in Italy and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea, was once known as the ‘Dominating the seas’ and alongside Venice, Pisa and Amalfi, was a Maritime Republics.

Together with the visit to the historical center and the already mentioned alleys you can also check the famous Aquarium located in the Old Port, and the ancient lighthouse, ‘La Lanterna’, the oldest in the world.

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